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5 Ways to Add Newness Into Your Tennis Game

As I’ve stated before, one of few silver linings of the COVID-19 global pandemic is...
Ruth Dobson-Torres By — May 12, 2021
Love-Love Tennis

“It’s the Serve, Stupid.”

Every four years, there’s a presidential election in the US, and every four years, it...
Ruth Dobson-Torres By — April 5, 2021
Love-Love Tennis

Help the Planet: Recycle Tennis Balls

How often do you purchase a new can of tennis balls after opening and playing...
Ruth Dobson-Torres By — March 2, 2021
Love-Love Tennis

Nothing But Love-Love For Tennis Great Althea Gibson

It’s February. The month of Valentine’s and love. And, one thing we love-love about the...
Ruth Dobson-Torres By — February 15, 2021
Love-Love Tennis

From Local Courts to Abu Dhabi, Tennis Can Take You Places

When it comes to tennis, it’s like Dr. Seuss once said, “Oh, the places you’ll...
Ruth Dobson-Torres By — January 12, 2021

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