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Tennis Tips
— August 27, 2020 —
Ruth Dobson-Torres By — August 27, 2020

Tennis Tips

Whether you’re searching for new techniques that you can implement on the court or tips to improve your mental fortitude and overall wellness off the court, there are numerous online resources to help you train for tennis success.

Besides following our Love-Love Tennis Blog, here are links to a few other training sites that we think you’ll love-love:

On-Court Techniques: 

19 Best Online Tennis Training & Schools
Top Tennis Training
The Best Online Tennis Courses
Team Forman Tennis Videos

Off-Court Mental Game:

Brain Game Tennis

Tennis Mind Game

Mindfulness-Based Tennis Psychology (MBTP)

Fearless Tennis

Best Tennis Psychology Books

Off-Court Fitness & Wellness Tips: 


Raw Tennis Performance

Good Habits Guru

Martin Method Tennis Fitness

4 Yoga Poses for Tennis Players

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