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Things to Love-Love: Tennis Art
— November 18, 2020 —
Ruth Dobson-Torres By — November 18, 2020

Things to Love-Love: Tennis Art

It’s often said that the greatest sports players are artists who gracefully display extreme skills and a mastery of the game. 

Just consider how many times you’ve heard champion tennis player Roger Federer described as “The Maestro,” for example.

And, if we were to consider a watercolor painting as a metaphor for the historical game of tennis, then, we could easily suggest that its greatest players have contributed their own, unique “strokes” (pun intended) to that painting, leaving us, as fans of the game, with distinctive and colorful impressions of tennis styles and techniques. 

But, what about when the game of tennis and its players inspire art?

Well, when it comes to tennis, art definitely imitates life, and, if you have any doubt of that fact, just do a quick online search using the term, “tennis art.”  From Google to Amazon to Etsy to Pinterest and beyond, you can find countless examples of prints, paintings, sculptures, and more featuring tennis stars and tennis images of yesteryear and today. 

As a blogger, myself, I’d like to highlight a recent blog written by National Senior Men’s Tennis Association (NSMTA) Blogger’s Baseline blogger David Linebarger. David’s post, “Tennis Players As Works of Art,” features and excellently describes the works of 20 artists who’ve captured 20 tennis greats, including Jana Novotná, Justine Henin, Bjorn Borg, Michael Chang and Venus Williams, in signature historical moments of play.

With the holiday season already underway in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world, a piece of tennis art may be the perfect gift for that special tennis player in your life, even if that happens to be you! 

Check out these tennis art links, and let the art inspired by tennis players inspire you:

Ruth Dobson-Torres

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