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Monogrammed Tennis Balls, Anyone?
— August 3, 2020 —
Ruth Dobson-Torres By — August 3, 2020

Monogrammed Tennis Balls, Anyone?

Often tennis fashion goes “off-court,” and you can see tennis attire trends running strong within everyday street style.  But, sometimes, an everyday street fashion trend bounces onto the tennis court.  

For example, growing up in the southern part of the United States, the monogramming trend I witnessed in my youth is still going strong today.  Doubt it?  Well, look no further than your local tennis court.  Today, regardless of where you live in the world, you can purchase monogrammed tennis balls, customized with your initials, if you desire. And, many people are doing just that.

Why is monogramming tennis balls “on trend” of late?  

Well, in a protective measure against the spread of COVID-19, singles and doubles tennis players have been using their own individual cans of balls during matches. I’ve personally witnessed doubles players initial their balls with sharpie pens for clearer identification in instances where two players may be using an identical brand of tennis balls during a match.

Whether you want to add your initials to your tennis balls to combat the spread of COVID-19, or whether you’re just a monogram fan who plays tennis and wants to gift yourself, a family member or friend a can of monogrammed balls, you can easily find a way to make it happen:

Custom Tennis Balls
Personalized Monogram Tennis Balls
Monogrammed Vinyl Decals for Tennis Balls

Sometimes, businesses and corporations get into the monogram game by creating brand logos using monograms.  One of the most famous examples occurred when tennis great Roger Federer partnered with Nike on a monogram logo design based on his two initials, “RF.” Since then, the RF logo has become iconic.

So, do you want to join the tennis ball monogramming trend? Or, do you prefer to keep your initials officially out of your game?

Ruth Dobson-Torres

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