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Tennis Rules – Where To Find Them When You Need Them
— August 17, 2020 —
Ruth Dobson-Torres By — August 17, 2020

Tennis Rules – Where To Find Them When You Need Them

How many times during a tennis match have you needed to consult an official rules book?

It’s happened to me only on a few occasions, and, in those instances, I recall wishing that I had the particular rule in question memorized. But, that’s too hard a task, actually, considering there are literally thousands of tennis rules.

So, if you’re an active tennis player and have a rules-related question, the best way to get your answer quickly is to search online. Let me save you some time.  

Here are some helpful links that you can bookmark the next time you need quick access to a rule:

If you’re brand-new to the sport of tennis and just want to know the basic rules of the game, like scoring and serving rules, check out and bookmark these sites to get the low-down:

And, consider owning a keep-at-home copy of Tennis for Dummies, an introductory guidebook co-authored by former U.S. tennis professional and U.S. Davis Cup captain Patrick McEnroe, who also happens to be the youngest brother of U.S. tennis legend John.

Umpires in tennis are usually reserved for players who are playing in official tournament matches, so, odds are that you will confront many on-court situations over the years where your knowledge of the latest tennis rules will make a real difference.

Be ready for those moments. Know the rules or where to find them quickly, and you’ll have what it takes to keep playing and win.

Ruth Dobson-Torres

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